Thursday, June 07, 2007

Emptiness is Really Full of Substance

Emptiness is filled with good stuff.

The Buddhists are always talking about the wonder of "emptiness." This is a central tenet in their belief system -- and it means that all things in the universe -- a person, a place, an event, an idea -- are without their own, distinct identities. The substance of whatever it is -- animate or inanimate -- has been influenced and created by eons of previous causes. People, objects share common matter. Ideas, philosophies are made up of a world of shared thought -- undying through the ages.

But what implications does emptiness have for the world? What's the reward for taking this philosophy to heart?

Well, for one, if we all share the same elements physically -- and our minds are enriched by a living pool of thought that's continually finding new ways to express itself -- what's the point of dividing ourselves with distinctions and judgments. And hey, some of those identities we give ourselves and others are pretty harsh; aren't they?

Sound interesting? For more, check out my United Press International interview with the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, a very cool spiritual leader of the Shambhala tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. (One reason why he's cool is because he meditates while he runs.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first post to your blog. I found my way here through a google search for the Sakyong. He is my teacher so when I am not reading his most recent book -Ruling...., I am looking online for things to read about him or other Tibetan/Buddhist teachers. Anyway I found this blog... getting back to the Emptiness writing- I am inspired when I read about Buddhist concepts like this, emptiness, and then can grasp the meaning through contemplation, not thinking about the concept but contemplating which is more like feeling the notion of emptiness. I like the "taking away the mirage of permanence"...and "what you discover is that it's not so much that oneness is better, but you realize that the notion of self and other is an illusion". When I consider just changing my view of things it is easier to let go and move into this new view."Oh, yeah, I can do that"...I do that with President Bush all the time since I feel pain every time I consider what he is doing to our country and soldiers and their families and to "me". Well, he is not doing anything to me. I attempt to feel compassion for his pain and suffering now and what will come to him and when I do this he is no longer the enemy for me. he becomes another human suffering and I am no longer in pain from the wonderful for me and him. The Sakong and many, many years of meditating have helped me come to be able to see the emptiness in him, me , and the permanence in this "battle".

Anyway, thx for your article it moved and inspired me. Blessings Christopher.