Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Fleeting Moment

A sensation appears, and liking or disliking begins.

This fleeting moment, if we are unaware of it, is repeated and intensified into craving and aversion, becoming a strong emotion that eventually overpowers the conscious mind.

We become caught up in the emotion, and all our better judgment is swept aside. The result is that we find ourselves engaged in unwholesome speech and action, harming ourselves and others. We create misery for ourselves, suffering now and in the future, because of one moment of blind reaction.

But if we are aware at the point where the process of reaction begins--that is, if we are aware of the sensation--we can choose not to allow any reaction to occur or to intensify. . . in those moments the mind is free. Perhaps at first these may be only a few moments in a meditation period, and the rest of the time the mind remains submerged in the old habit of reaction to sensations, the old round of craving, aversion, and misery.

But with repeated practice those few brief moments will become seconds, will become minutes, until finally the old habit of reaction is broken, and the mind remains continuously at peace. This is how suffering can be stopped.
-- from Tricycle magazine's Daily Dharma, June 26, 2007


RennyBA said...

This is a very good reminder Budy! The fact that we actually can control our thoughts in an important thing to remember. And also as I always say; what you are focused on you'll have more of.

Btw: Here to wish you a great summer and also to welcome you over to my new blog home:-) Please update your blogroll!

RennyBA said...

Here to wish you Happy 4th of July:-)

aka R'acquel said...

So true. I really enjoyed how this was worded. It's a really good piece that encourages further contemplation.