Wednesday, November 10, 2004

'Peggy-Sue' and Introspection

Here's something that struck me:

I thought that a seeming contradiction exists between the music I like and my quest for inner silence!

I enjoy lots of different types of music. But my first love is the rock-a-billy sound, early rock, like the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Johnny Burnette. I guess its appeal is its primal beat...that special mix of country and R&B.

I mean, can you possibly resist that combination? Whenever I hear that unique formula--and it's a recipe that I think has made American music universally loved--I've just got to dance, even if it's a chair jig. Oh, I said 'jig'...maybe there's some Celtic "love of music" gene that was switched on at birth. Ha ha.

But it's curious how I could be so emotionally introspective, and yet get such an involuntary jump-start, from way down deep. How do the two jibe?

Maybe I like this kind of music because it doesn't require me to think. Rather, my real self reacts, the part of me that doesn't question what I enjoy or am attracted to. I make no judgements. When I can make space for being...not happens.

And, I think that my response to music is intimately connected with the quest for self knowledge and introspection. When you make room for stillness and being, rather than thinking and analysis, you flourish.

When I can respond to the Now...the present inner peace grows and strengthens.