Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Self-love first

Are you brave enough to give your compassion when you see suffering -- like Jesus did when he saved the adulterous woman from stoning...or when he healed on the Sabbath, drawing the wrath of the high priests?

Yes, it takes bravery to step out of ourselves and help others...not just ignore their plight. And I think it takes the same kind of bravery to give compassion to ourselves when we're hurting -- because it involves taking an honest look at our emotional pain...being with it.

Please read my latest United Press International column at the link below, and let me know your views.

Self-love first

And while you're reading, here's a question to think about: When do you feel the most compassionate?


AL said...

Hei!!! Happy new year...
When do I feel most compassionate? I think that when it is the children who are suffering.

Ps. Self-love first is a very good read. I always believe that one cannot share love when he doesn't love within.

DMunro said...

Thanks, Al. Happy New year to you and your family!