Saturday, January 27, 2007

On keeping on

When you think that your walk is profitless and a failure, and you can hardly persuade yourself not to return, it is on the point of being a success, for then you are in that subdued and knocking mood to which Nature never fails to open. - Henry David Thoreau


RennyBA said...

Thanks Buddy - what a great comfort at the end of the week and after a hard days work. Have a great week yourself:-)

Sean M. Madden said...

Thoreau hits exactly the right note yet again. As a daily long-walk walker, what he says here has most certainly been true in my experience, that it is when we keep on walking despite that feeling that sometimes arises that there's a bungee cord attached to our rear belt loop that's trying to tell us to return home to tea and two slices, our partner, warmth, etc. that Nature and one's self opens up or is dropped, and that spacious feeling of inspiration and being awake wells up within.

Thank you, again, Don!

(Mindful Living Guide)

DMunro said...

Thanks for visiting Sean, and giving your perspective on HDT. Love the bungee chord analogy. Whenever I think that I can't ignore my stretching chord for one more second, I try to give a bit more stretch. By the way, the chord is usually attached to something that'll be waiting for me no matter when I get back to it. Same w/ you?