Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pure God, adulterated God...or both?

Sometimes, sitting on my high horse (an Irish expression), I reason that our definition of God is not adequate. We must be missing something far greater and unfathomable because our minds are so small and inadequate in the face of such immensity.

But what if we shed our prejudiced and partisan views of God? Tried to figure out a bigger picture. Maybe our human-faced God is so endearing to so many of us, that we would only lose our way, sever the connection.

I spotted this quote from Martin Buber on Daniel Silliman's literary site. It's worth reading to gain some insight on the terrible and precious bargain we've entered into with God.

"...Generations of men have laid the burden of their anxious lives upon this word..."

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RennyBA said...

I would say both!
May I invite you into some of the Nordic Christmas history too?