Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pluto's Fate - The Legacy of Labels

Poor Pluto, our ex-planet, was recently re-labeled by astronomers and kicked out of the planetary hood.

The whole episode, closely followed in the press for all the residents of this planet to witness, reminded me of just how impermanent our reality is...and it brought home the truth of just how nasty and limiting labels can be.

Poor Pluto


RennyBA said...

Hello dear friend. How nice of you to refere to this friend of yours. I was there - a good read.
Have a great week a head buddy:-)

RennyBA said...

Have a great weekend Bud - I miss you and hope you are well!

Buddy said...

hi RB,

Thanks for stopping by again; hope you're well, too.

David E. Patton said...

yes Pluto have gone from being a man to being a child again. It just goes to show that we as human on earth that do all the naming can change our minds at will. I don't reall the reason why Pluto was sent down, so to speak, but now it nolonger can hang wuth the big boys. Are we to be told that the sun is not a star? Let us have a moment of silent.

AL said...

hei buddy!
have a good weekend!

RennyBA said...

A nice week ahead Buddy!