Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sin & Shoo-be-doo-be-doo songs

For my family, Sundays in the 1960s centered on Roman Catholic mass.

I remember waking to the smell of bacon, the sound of "shoo-be-doo-be-doo" songs on the radio and getting to know the foreboding aura of church...incense, rituals, guilt.

Life was a cocoon. But outside the heavy church doors, outside our little home, chaos was coming.

Click on the link below. Are any of these memories familiar to you?

Memories of a Catholic Boy in The 60s


charles ravndal said...

Hmmmm too bad i dont have that kind of experience

Buddy said...

Hi Charles,

Thanks for stopping by.

My experiences were definitely a mix of good & bad, e.g. the spiritual connection vs. the dogma, the guilt. I'm assuming your's were more weighted to the bad side?

Seems to be a popular story these days.

Basically, 40-odd years later, my Catholic connection is still a mix of good and bad. Sigh. Wish it could all be good and perfect; but I don't think that'll happen til we have Jesus himself leading the church, for that matter, all churches.

Best to you, Bud

AL said...

Hei Buddy,
Fortunately for me, my church experiences were really pleasant. The best time I had when I was a teenager was when I was active in some church organizations.
Now that you have written about this, I get this nostalgic feeling!

RennyBA said...

It was my first full decade too and I do remember some of them even living in another continent. Maybe the world wasn't that big after all in the 60sties:-)

Yesterdays_ashes said...

Hey Buddy,

Just dropping by to say hello to an old friend....how have you been?


oggie said...

ei buddy,

i do remember those sundays. i try to relive those times by putting on old tunes (now on cd or on an ipod :-D) and have an undisturbed hour or two every opportunity i get. oh, the church songs are not as melodic as before. it's nice to hum them like i remembered them from way back.

enjoy your sundays!

Buddy said...

Hi Tina - Good to see you; sorry I haven't posted in a while. Hope you're well.

Hi Oggie - Thanks for coming. Hey, how are things on the other side of the world?