Monday, June 12, 2006

Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews etc.

I was raised on this dogma-bit: Jesus is the only son of God.

So says the Roman Catholic Church.

But what if...

- Jesus was one of God's sons
- Buddha was another son of the one true God
- and so was Muhammad
- and let's not forget about Moses
- and Abraham. given that God doesn't carry around the prejudices we do (at least I hope he/she doesn't), it stands to reason that if there are sons of God...there must also be daughters of God. Maybe we just never think of noticing...because our culture didn't and still doesn't regard them that way? I'm talking about people like:

- Ruth
- Jeanne d'Arc
- Mother Theresa
- and every woman in history who gave up her life so that others might live...

One more point: what if the criteria for being a son or daughter of the Divine is 24/7 realization of our connectedness...and that God is present in everything and everyone in the universe? And through that realization, one is enlightened and becomes, or should I say, is reborn, as God, too.

Just asking.

Your thoughts on this?


Yesterdays_ashes said...

Very interesting post....certainly gives you pause to think. Thank you for this thought provoking topic.

Smiles..... Tina

Buddy said...

thanks for stopping by, Tina.

RennyBA said...

Speaking of rituals - and very old once: Happy St. Han's (Mid Summer) Day from Norway:-)

RennyBA said...

I just came by to say hello from Norway and wish you a splendid summer time. I'm "gone golfing", so see you later:-)

Baraka said...

Greetings of peace,

I'm a fellow writer at UPI - I really enjoyed your article today (re: Mel/humility) and I enjoyed thinking about this idea too.


Buddy said...

how wonderful of you! thank you, Baraka. Peace.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Friend:

Very touching! Your posting about fear is so on the mark.... it touches all areas in our lives in which suffering burdens our lives...

So glad to have your friendship... Carole