Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Space Between Breaths

During meditation yesterday, as I was focusing on my breath, I became aware of a message.

It was a kind of 'knowing': 'Pay attention to the space between the breaths, too.'

So I began to become aware of that space, how my lungs feel as they get ready to fill up again...the slight pang of compression that comes before I actually draw in the new air.

That space...that second in which the body takes a break from very interesting. It is also uncomfortable.

As I practiced over and over again, I became aware that this space, this uncomfortability, is part of the process. It is to be noticed...even appreciated...along with the joyful reassurance of full, satisfied lungs.

I think that this was a good message for me to hear...and to know.

The uncomfortable parts of life are part of the process, my process. The stuff you can't figure out or that causes you pain and suffering--they are tied into the fun, peaceful times.

Sad or happy, mad or at peace...these are just states of body and mind. They don't define me.

And, if I choose to...or if I'm disciplined enough...I can recognize that...and accept the pluses and minuses together--as just experiences, simply experiences.

One by one, they will arise and fall away...but I'll still be here.


Yesterdays child said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog and your supportive words. I just finished reading the last few entries you've made on your blog & love your thought provoking feelings and ideas. You have great insight which is very inspiring. Take care & thank you again.


Yesterdays_ashes said...

Sorry I was signed on under my other blog name when I sent that comment.....(blush)


Omni said...

You've got some interesting stuff here; my blog is spiritually focused too, although my spiritual progress is erratic.

I came here from NeoWorx; just FYI, you put your URL in incorrectly there.


Buddy said...

thanks, Omni.

I'll correct it.

And I'm gonna ck your site out, too. Fellow spiritual warriors.

Later, Bud

Buddy said...

thank you Tina.

Keep writing, too. It helps yes?

RennyBA said...

Thanks for sharing you're inner thoughts - it's an inspiration to me. I don't know why, but sometimes I just need it.
Thanks also for visiting my blog and for you're compliments. That's what make it worth blogging you know :-)

Buddy said...

Thank you for your compliments, Renny! I'll keep visiting you because I love learning about other countries/cultures. We, the world, that is, have more in common than we realize.

Carole Romano said...

Dear Friend:

As I was reading your insightful commentary on presence with the space betweet breathes it occurred to me that the trilogy of breath - in breath, out breath, space - reflects the trilogies of the great belief systems. Hinduism was the first that came to mind:

In Breath: Brahma, the Creator

Out Breath: Vishnu, the Sustainer

Space Between: Shiva, the Destroyer.

Did you every read Herman Hesse's book The Master Game? It presupposes that all of reality is directly connected. The Game is about finding those connections. Isn't it interesting how everything seems, in some way, to be connected?

Buddy said...

Dear Friend & Teacher:

Wow, how interesting! Thanks for pointing that out. It would seem that Shiva, the destroyer, is the space breath, yes? The uncomfortable one -- although not completely uncomfortable.

Yes, I love connecting the dots. Isn't it interesting...and reassuring...that in many ways...all religions & cultures have the same story...

And of course you know the Christian trilogy - Father, Son & Holy Ghost (Spirit).

If I had to give these guys ownership of stages of breath for Christian meditators, my gut says the following:

Jesus: In (Taking ownership of His presence, force in the world)

Holy Spirit: Out (sharing our Holy Spirit residing in us all with others, and making a connection to the rest of humanity)

Father: the space breath (the Father, or the eternal one, who is always there and just waiting for us to notice and pay attention to the space.)

Love & thanks for visiting!