Friday, April 21, 2006

Suffering and Sustenance

Today, any suffering I create for myself

is an illusion

because it lives

astride the reality that Love is present

in and around me in the universe.

It is in every cell

of every


even in my breath.

I will know it


feel and smell and taste and whispers

in the wind.

It is rich, this love,

this spring,

this ceaseless miracle,

this bubbling well of sustenance.

Can I cup my hands

and offer

a drink?


RennyBA said...

You're words really hits me as an important and good reminder. Thanks for sharing you're thoughts brought to us in a wonderful poem!

AL said...

Hei Buddy!
This is a beautiful poem! Like Renny, I say... thanks for the reminder!

Buddy said...

Renny & Al:

Thanks so much for stopping by & for your kind words.

Peace to you both!

Spring is springing here in Yankee-land. My daffodils and Lombardy Poplar trees are sprouting leaves!