Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dark Tunnel

Recently, a missionary priest, from the Passionist Order, came to our parish.

He stayed for five days, and on almost every evening of the service, our church was packed solid -- standing room only.

He said that, in the 25 years he'd been visiting parishes across America and in many countries of the world, he'd never seen such a response.

I think this priest will witness larger crowds wherever he goes. At least I hope so.

There is something haunting America. We're hungry for closeness with God, with spirit - some kind of substance.
It's like we're in a dark tunnel, and we're looking for the light.

We want enrichment -- something besides a larger home or more electronic toys or a nicer car.

This war in Iraq, the slaughter each day...our rampant commercialism and consumerism...our unhappiness -- these are all behaviors of people who are asleep.

What power we would have...if only we were a force for pure kindness in the world.  I hope we wake up soon and come out of ourselves.  (  

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sonoftheprodigal said...

The same is true in the Philippines. We are 85% Catholics but attendance at mass is rapidly declining. However, people show that they truly hunger for God. I think we need to go beyond sacraments and catechism to show people that spirituality matters even if you belong to other faith or religion.

Anyway, here is my response to your very nice suggestion in my blog:

"wow!!! thanks buddy. i'm really into updating my movie reviews. i am seating in a graduate class on film theory and language. "rear window" was our first film. we will watch "the killers", "400 blows" and other of the genre. I will look for a copy of "Double Indemnity". I will tell you what I find in it.

Again thanks! It sure helps to have a coach/buddy."